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EARS is super pleased to roll out the 2013 EARS BBQ PART-EY. While we cannot guarantee that one of Rob Roy's inventions won't suddenly "wake up" and start causing mayhem, ELECTRONAUT is definitely the place to be on Tuesday night for some down home BBQ, audio chivalry, and camaraderie.. We'll all enjoy the usual abundance of grilled delights and libations to accommodate the evening, cooked to perfection by Grill Meister Sam Rogers (of EARS and Sweetwater).

What's that you say...? You already know that this is the ONLY ANNUAL BBQ PARTY dedicated to recording engineers, producers, and all who represent the recording community in the entire universe? (OK, in truth Philly's PRC started a BBQ party WITH a swimming pool this year ...damn!) Well then, you won't want to miss this one either ! EARS wants YOU to come on down to ELECTRONAUT to help us ROCK the 27th annual EARS BBQ.

Rob Roy is opening up his big back yard to EARS and so naturally we encourage you to come raise a glass (or plastic SOLO cup) with your fellow EARS comrades in celebration of 27 years of EARS. All food and beverage is provided courtesy of EARS with help from our sponsors Shure, Vintage King, and Gepco. If you would like to bring your own to throw on the grill, then by all means.

Please note the BBQ is a MEMBERS ONLY event. If you are not already a member, there's never been a better time to join EARS than now. You can join when you arrive at the BBQ itself, or click here to join online.


- ELECTRONAUT is located at 333 N. Oakley in Chicago

- Start time = 6:30pm

- This is an EARS MEMBERS ONLY event and your dues must be up to date to attend. You can join or renew at the BBQ itself or by clicking here. If you are unsure of your membership status contact (ALL EARS memberships renew on the last Tuesday of October).

- For those who would like to attend but don't want to join at this time, EARS is offering a $15 guest pass which can be purchased when you arrive at the BBQ in person.

- Members may bring one guest to the event. Additional guests must purchase a $15 guest pass.

- Vegetarian faire will be offered as well as the standard BBQ cuisine. Of course, if you would like to bring your own selection to throw on the grill, you are most welcome.

- As always, adult beverages will be offered.... please celebrate responsibly.


More about Larry Williams

(Courtesy of fellow member and former EARS President Harry Brotman)

Songwriter, bassist, and recording studio owner Larry Williams was a well loved character in the Chicago soul/gospel music scene. Aside from the operation of his own studio, C-Note in the near south loop area, he was a regular freelancer at Paul Serrano's, and Brunswick Recording. Larry served as Vice President during my final term as EARS President. For years, we had together catered the annual BBQ, and Grammy Party events.

Larry died from a massive heart attack, while mixing a live church service on a Sunday. Upon his passing, the EARS BBQ was named in his honor by unanimous declaration of the Steering Committee. He'll be forever remembered within our cadre as the only fellow able to calm Harry Brotman down. Further reading may be found at:


Ed Cherney joins EARS on September 22nd

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