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Ed Cherney at SAE, Sunday Sept 22nd at 3pm

It seems as though when you read album credits from the last 4 decades, you will notice a familiar name popping up over and over again. EARS is honored this month to meet with our friend and industry icon, the one and only Ed Cherney. Originally a Chicagoan, Ed since moved to L.A. and recorded and mixed records with some of the most important artists of our time, including Spinal Tap. Also The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Bette Midler, Backstreet Boys, Iggy Pop, Bob Seger, Celine Dion, Eric Clapton, Olivia Newton-John, Tenacious D, Little Feat, Billy Joel, Susan Tedeschi, Bryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Carly Simon, Bonnie Raitt, Travis Tritt, The B-52's, The Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie & the Blowfish, Quincy Jones, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, to name a few.

Ed got his start in recording when he replied to an ad:

Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap in the studio: Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, and Ed.
"...I think I was looking at Mix magazine, or one of those--and there was an ad for a recording course in Chicago that was being taught by Bruce Swedien. I didn't know who the hell he was, but I signed up for this recording class they had in a studio in Chicago. I paid my money, and I went, and Bruce Swedien was teaching it, talking about what he had done. I was pretty impressed. We kind of hit it off and became friends. I took the course, and I started carrying his briefcase around to different sessions in Chicago, and I'd see him all over the place. Basically, I really made a pest of myself on him."

Ed started as an assistant at Paragon Studios under the tutelage of the late great Marty Feldman and later became Bruce Swieden and Quincy Jones' assistant for six years at Westlake Studios in L.A:

Keith, Mick, Ed
Keith, Mick, and Ed
"My girlfriend and I, we just loaded up the car, and whatever didn't fit in it we left on the curb, and drove to California. When we got to Los Angeles, I went and got the Billboard Studio Directory, and started at the Ws, looking for a job in a studio. The first one I went to was Westlake. And they hired me that day. The next day, I was working as an assistant at Westlake. I think the first one I was an assistant engineer on was a tracking date on a George Duke session. Tommy Vicari was the engineer and I was just blown away by how great it sounded and how great the musicianship was and what a fabulous engineer he was (and still is). To this day I still use things I saw (and heard) him do. About a month in, who comes in and starts working? Bruce Swedien and Quincy Jones! And they were doing Michael Jackson's Off the Wall record. I became their assistant, just coincidentally. I knew that Bruce had moved out to California, but I hadn't called him. All of a sudden, it was like, hey, here I am. And I was their assistant engineer. I ended up being their assistant for about six years. On The Dude, and Lena Horne, and on Rufus and Chaka Khan, and Patti Austin, and James Ingram, among many others. They just about owned the music business in those great years, and I was their assistant on those records. I was in heaven, and Quincy changed my name to Big Julie … a story for another time."

Ed Cherney
When not working in the studio, Ed gives back to the community by working with the Grammy In The Schools and Grammy Camp programs. A two time governor of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, he is also a founder of the Grammy’s Producers and Engineers Wing as well as a founding member of the META Alliance, a group of audio industry luminaries dedicated to the implementation of high-quality music recording and delivery. Board of Directors at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul Minnesota

Ed is also a frequent guest lecturer in the recording programs of a number of colleges and universities including Berklee College of Music (which offers an Ed Cherney scholarship), the USC Thorton School of Music, Citrus College, and California Institute of Art, and is a frequent moderator and panelist at numerous industry conferences and international music festivals.

Please join us for a night of audio reverie with Ed... you are bound to catch some great stories from the front lines in the recording studio. For a more thorough discography for Ed click here.

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