Crystal Olson, President
Andrew Dewar, Vice President
Ron Cook, Secretary
Yuri Lysoivanov, Treasurer

Fran Allen-Leake & Kamran Salehi , EARDRUM Editors
Rob Gillis, Webguy

EARS Presents: An Evening at TC FURLONG: Meyer's Bluehorn System
Tuesday, July 26th 7pm-9pm
Open to  EARS MEMBERS  and  future members.
27885 Irma Lee Circle Suite 101, Lake Forest IL 60045
For more details about EARS check out our
Facebook page and EARS Forum.
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    Hear what fans have been saying about EARS...

"EARS are a great audience! It's good to be aware that
people actually listen and understand what you're saying.
Many thanks for your support. All the best..."
-- Rupert Neve, Audio Designer

"I will definitely join, I really enjoyed the meeting I attended."
-- Eric Dahl, Head Engineer -- Skylab Recording

"I had a blast, lets do it again. Thanks for the invite."
-- Jim Gaines, Grammy Award Winning producer/engineer

"I am really glad I found you's a lot of fun
and getting together and hanging with people in the
Chicago music industry...there really is a lot happening here!!!"
-- Anastasia T. Gasca, Musician

"You guys have a great organization...
I read the newsletter everytime it comes out
and its one of the few that really has
content in it. The rest of the country is poor
for not having an organization like you guys
have there...It's great."
-- Russ Berger, studio designer/President RBDG Design Group

"Thanks for producing this wonderful Volume 25, Number issue 10!
I really enjoyed reading it and its variety of topics."
-- Gordon Kapes, Studio Technologies

"...I just wanted to take time to thank you all for a great visit to Chicago.
The interviews were great fun, I enjoyed the Columbia College tour (very impressive)
and getting to meet Benj, and of course the after party. Thanks so much for inviting me."
-- Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording & Scoring, Skywalker Sound

"Thank you for a wonderful EARS event and all your hospitality!
I very much enjoyed meeting with you [again after a decade or two!].
Josh and I were very pleased with the attendance, the attention and questions.
-- Jonathan Pines, Director of Strategic Operations,
Fingerprint Audio / SE Microphones / Rupert Neve Designs

"Hot pizza, cold beer, great people, and an awesome presentation on 5.1!
A perfect night indeed!"
-- Dustin Cammack, engineer

"I am so pleased with the way and direction EARS has grown..."
-- Diane Peyton, engineer

"Thank you so much for a fffffaantastic EARS Christmas Party.
It was a great one and one of the best events ever."
You are really making a difference for EARS
and for our membership. Thanks a TON.
-- Hudson Fair, Atelier HudSonic/Ealing Mobile Recording, Ltd.

"Put a notch in your belt for last Tuesday's meeting...
It was yet another great event!!!"
-- John Christy, musician/engineer/studio owner

"The evening with Martin Atkins was phenomenal!
I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect but everyone
is real laid back -- EARS is a comfortable environment.
Martin was hilarious and presented his material in a method
that really struck a chord. If it's a sign for things to come
I'm glad I made it my first meeting"
-- Alexander Thomas

"On behalf of Strobe Recording I just want to say a big "Thank You"
for giving us the opportunity to host last nights EAR's meeting!
I can't tell you what a great event you guys put together and how well received it was.
I am really impressed by the Chicago chapter of EAR's and anything that
Strobe can do to help out in the future please don't hesitate to ask.
It was so awesome to be able to test drive the Neve, Vintage Kings and SE gear,
I know what's on my Xmas list now ;) Again thanks for a great night
and we look forward to working with you in the future!"
-- Jamie Wagner, Strobe Recording Studio

"Thanks for taking the time to write this monthly issue.
I find it very insightful and informative."
-- Shannon Harris

"And I would like to thank everybody for such warm reception
of my humble tunes despite obvious mixing flaws.
I actually feel inspired (for the first time in years)!"
-- Valentine Azbelle, musician/producer

"It was a very nice event. Great job!!!"
-- Joe Riccio

"Really enjoyed the meeting at Soundscape.
Learned a lot about the studio approach to recording,
a lot different than the location stuff that I'm doing."
-- Carl Beitler, recording engineer

"Always a good event when your in the Hands of EARS!!!
Cheers thnx again you guys!!!"
-- Anastasia Gasca, musician

"This was an incredible EARDRUM.
I loved reading the whole thing!
It was truly informative and useful and
the EARDRM unites our community big time!"
-- Hudson Fair, Atelier HudSonic/Ealing Mobile Recording, Ltd.

Bob Ludwig ROCKS! Thanks for a great time!"
-- Alan Sternquist

"What a great meeting this was! Thank you, the organizers
- you have outdone yourselves! What a fun location!
What an incredible guest! And what a gracious host!
37 thumbs up (that's pretty much all the thumbs I have)! :)"
-- Valentine Azbelle, musician/producer

"I'd like to say thanks to the EARS helmsmen
for putting on another awesome event, to Gepco for the lovely t-shirt
(thanks Joe and Grace), and to Shure for the kick-ass head phones!
They will replace my 12-year-old beat-up MDR-7506."
-- Valentine Azbelle, musician/producer

"I had a great time last night, thanks for an informative,
entertaining and interesting meeting. See you next month"
-- John Mackniskas, musician/producer

"Thank you for an organization like EARS.
Strange how the deeper I get into recording, the more I'm looking to pick people's minds
for knowledge and ideas. To think there is an organization this city where a group of
people actually encourage that kind of conversation on a monthly basis is cause for celebration.
And your list of previous special guest speakers is off the charts.
Thanks for the knowledge and letting me feel welcome."
-- Very sincerely, Steve Youngblood

"Thank you to Eric, Reid, Blaise, Hudson and
everyone that came to Rax Trax on Tuesday.
We had an awesome meeting, and a huge turnout.
We might have to rent an auditorium next time!"
-- Mike Tholen, engineer

"What a great introduction
to a great group of people. Thanks EARS!"
-- Dan Shaughnessy

"A fantastic tour and great facility.
Thanks EARS!"
-- Becky Grajeda

"Ears is new to me as of 3 meetings ago, but I'm super into it / impressed,
and I feel is changing my perspective for the better, and I am truly thankful for everything
you've contributed as president to make it so."
-- Ian Spudes

"Awesome day today! Loved hearing everyone's mixes!"
-- Evan Mulvihill

"Thanks a lot for sharing the tunes, everybody.
I had a great time, met a lot of good people."
-- Jeremy Ellingsen

"I will be coming to EARS meetings more often. That was a whole lot of fun last night.
Thanks for working hard on putting that together. All the best!"
-- Ellis Clark

"That was a great event! The movie was very informative and entertaining.
Props to you guys at EARS for putting it all together so well!"
-- Eric Hill

"A huge shout out to my EARS (Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago)
family for "officially" being recognized by Rahm Emanuel & the City of Chicago for their awesomeness
(in this case, re: the Chicago Music Summit). Everyone involved in this organization knows the
vital role that EARS plays in the music and greater creative community. It is satisfying to see it
being officially recognized by the hometown. That being said, if you are not hip to EARS -
you are now and have no excuse. All are invited to join in the fun. A very special shout-out to
Reid Hyams, Blaise Barton, John Christy, Danny Leake, Eric Roth for continuing to make magic happen. "
-- Gary Kuzminski/JaGoFF Publishing