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President..................Jeff Leibovich
Vice-President............Kam Salehi
Treasurer..................Crystal Olson
EARDRUM Editor .........David Moss


EARS....The Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago, is an independent (not for profit) group dedicated to the advancement of excellence in audio production. Ears welcomes all recording engineers, producers, live sound mixers, studio owners, as well as musicians, students, enthusiasts, and pro-audio representatives alike. Our meetings take place on the last Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held at a a variety of recording studios, radio stations, live sound venues, and manufacturers' facilities. The subject matter ranges from gear shoot-outs, to discussions of recording techniques, and many other of the myriad issues encountered today in an ever evolving and increasingly complex recording industry.

Many years ago, a handful of Chicago engineers ran into each other at an AES show in New York and realized that they met more away from town than they did back home and that maybe they ought to do something about it. The concept of EARS was born: a monthly social get-together where friends and competitors could meet in an atmosphere of fun and friendship, to talk about gear, business, and music. So it was and so it's been these past 25 years. We encourage all participants to attend the meetings with an inquisitive attitude and a thirst for adventure in audio! EARS meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month - so mark your calendar and do join us!

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EARS Jukebox is the playlist featuring the recordings, productions, and performances of our own members, to showcase and share their work and talents with the recording community and the world at large. Click on the waveform to FF or REWIND in the track . To leave comments on a particular track, click on the gray bar below the waveform and follow the link. The playlist is updated daily so check back for new additions.

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