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with ATC

TUESDAY, MAY 28 2024 7PM
800 Forest Edge Dr.
Vernon Hills, IL 60061


• Do I need to join EARS to attend monthly meetings?
No. Unless otherwise stated most EARS meetings are open to the public. However, after attending several meetings, we encourage visitors to join and enjoy the benefits of becoming part of the EARS community... after experiencing a few meetings, most do anyway. Meeting announcements from EARS clearly state if a particular meeting is designated as a "Member's Only" event. The annual Holiday Party in December and the annual BBQ in August are examples of "Members Only" events.

• Are EARS Facebook Fanpage members the same as EARS members?
No. While we encourage anyone interested in EARS to become a fan on Facebook, an EARS Membership is an annual paid subscription. While the EARS Facebook Fanpage is a great source of information, you will enjoy the full benefits by becoming an actual member. You can join on-line here.

• Can I just join EARS at one of the meetings?
Yes, absolutely. Just see any EARS official (Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, or President) when you show up. Cash or cheques are graciously accepted. At this time, payment with credit and debit cards can only be made on-line by visiting the "Join EARS" page here.

• How much does it cost to join EARS and how long does a membership last?
Click here for a detailed description of EARS Memberships and dues.

• Why is the cost of joining EARS more after April? Why is it less after October?
Not any more. EARS dues are now annual from the date first paid.

• What is the EARDRUM and how can I get on the mailing list?
The EARDRUM is the EARS newsletter, full of insightful (and often inciteful) relevant information about everything AUDIO both locally and nationally, emailed to our members and fans generally one week before the upcoming meeting. (You do not need to be an EARS member to recieve the EARDRUM). Often, additional notices about upcoming meetings will be sent out, but there is only one EARDRUM each month. Members are automatically added to the list... if you would like to be added to the EARDRUM mailing list, click here.

• What kind of people will I meet at an EARS meeting?
Mostly people involved directly in recording. Lot's of recording engineers, studio owners, and producers, some are veterans with Grammy nominations and gold and platinum records in their discography. There are a growing number of promoters, students, musicians, and enthusiasts. There are also gear reps, live sound mixers, and some manufacturers. There is a lot of crossover as well, some members wear many hats. In short, a wide spectrum of professionals and individuals attend EARS meetings.

• I'm really just getting started in this business... Am I way out of my league by joining EARS?
Not at all, everyone in this business got their start somewhere. EARS welcomes members on all levels......it's a great way to jump right in and get your feet wet. You can always check out a few meetings first to see if it's a good fit. Chances are you'll meet someone who can help you along your way.

• I'm just looking for an employment opportunity. Can EARS help me get a job or position?
While there's no guarantee that you will find employment through EARS, it certainly can help improve your odds along the way. Networking with others in a friendly atmosphere is a great way to find out what's available out there.

• How can I register to access the EARS members area on the website?
Once you join EARS, you are automatically registered and a password is emailed to you. Your profile defaults to "private" until you voluntarily turn off your privacy setting which will allow other EARS members to communicate with you. The general public cannot access your profile or the member's area, regardless of your privacy settings.

• What is the EARS Jukebox? How do I get my tracks up on there?
The EARS Jukebox is an online streaming playlist featuring the recordings, productions, and performances of our own members, created with the goal of showcasing and sharing our members work and talents with the recording community and the world. EARS Members are invited and encouraged to submit a track of their finest work at any one time for inclusion in the playlist. The playlist is updated daily so you may swap out your tracks with new ones, if so desired. To upload your selections, log in to the Member's Area-->Member's Features tab-->EARS Jukebox and follow the prompts for uploading.

• Who runs EARS? Is there a board of directors like with other societies?
EARS is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of Illinois and the IRS as a 501(c)6. Every November, the body of EARS members elect a President who in turn appoints a Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and EARDRUM Editor. General policy and broader affairs are overseen by a Steering Committee, made up of current officers, former EARS Presidents, EARDRUM Editors, and Founding Members. For a more detailed description of Steering Committee and officers duties and responsibilities, see the EARS ByLaws.

• Does EARS offer corporate memberships?
Yes. Contact us here for more details.

What do the latin words in the banners around the EARS website mean?These Latin words represent EARS age-old slogans. "Surdis Antequam Dedecus" means "Deaf Before Dishonor" and "Facesso Non Fundo in Meus" means "Don't Shed On Me".